Documentation Changes

Is there a way for us to recompile the documentation, particularly after we make large changes to the structure of the source code?

We include UnrealDocTool with the engine source on GitHub. That’s the same program that we use to publish documentation files to our UnrealEngine web site. I’ll check with folks here to see what documentation we have for documentation tools. Stay tuned.

Oh, I see. I was able to find it in my file system, but it’s included in its own solution file. Thank you!

Edit: Upon building and running, it throws an exception: Could not find a part of the path Engine\Documentation\Source\SharedEngine\Documentation\Source\Include\Internationalization. The directory Include is missing from the source files. From what I can tell that’s something the prereqs are missing. Is there another tool I have to use to generate these files?

I don’t think we include the documentation source files so you can’t really regenerate the documentation at this point. That’s the issue you are seeing. The documentation over the documentation tool (yo dawg, I heard you like documentation so we put some documents in your documents so you can write while you write) needs updating before we release that as well since the tool changed quite a bit before releasing UE4.

Regenerating the API reference is more complicated than just running UnrealDocTool as well. It requires Doxygen and another tool called APIDocTool (which should be included in the engine). We don’t have any documentation on how to set that up and use it to build the API reference yet.

I can see how it would be useful if you are making lots of changes to the engine though. We’ll see about getting all the necessary files included and documentation over how to use then made available. I don’t have a timeframe for when that will occur though.

Yeah, APIDocTool is the program which builds the API documentation. It spawns Doxygen to generate .XML files from the source, then converts it into our .UDN Markdown format, which it then converts into HTML using UnrealDocTool.

Unfortunately we had to make some minor changes to Doxygen to get it to parse our autogenerated headers correctly, and we can’t distribute the modified source with the engine for licensing reasons. I’ll try to figure out a way we can open the process up.

I’m pretty sure just won at the Forums. We can close them down and go home now.

Maybe you can give a link to the source release of Doxygen you’re using, and release a patch so we can diff it on our own machines?