Docs Administrator Account?

So I woke up to this email:

Would anyone be so kind as to explain what exactly this is, what the Evog prefix on my email is and whether or not this is a mistake? Thanks! For the record I can’t edit any doc pages that I can find and all I have access to is some work in progress profile page.

I have received the same email and have no idea what it is all about. went to messages > notifications > clicked on the badge icon. It brought up a new empty user id profile. On the bottom right side of the new account there is a ‘create new feed’ icon. When you click on it it brings up another window that on a drop down list you can choose a feed to create. Haven’t tried it yet. I hope a staff would come around and explain a bit more.


Looks like users will be able to edit Docs. Or at least use it’s communication features.
The email is From Administrator account, not for…

Hey everyone,

You can safely ignore these emails. The documentation site now provides the ability to login with your EpicID. The email you are receiving is the default message sent out by the software running the documentation site. We are looking to customize it at the moment since most of the info in there isn’t really relevant to you all. Don’t worry about the username or password reset stuff in there. You use your EpicID just like you would anywhere else.

Sorry for the confusion this may have caused. There are always little bumps in the road during any change. Hopefully, we can minimize those as much as possible going forward.

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. :slight_smile:

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Please, tell us we could edit Docs as well? At least some of us/trusted users.

I was so hoping that we are getting the ability to edit docs… :frowning: