Do you know how to do this? Help please!!

I’m trying to create a board game (like a molopoly) I have a (DICE) system that generates a random number and I would like to use that number that my system generates, to make my AI move the corresponding number of houses. I am trying to do this using the node (AI MOVE TO) within my BP level. Could someone do an example for me, and send me some pictures or a project?

Please guys!
Thank you

Wont do it for you, but for ai move to or even simple move to you need to add in a nav mesh.

After that, assuming your tiles are all a part of the same array you just get the one you need to get to by looking up the current tile plus the number of the roll - and you call the move to for that location.

If the nav mesh is built right you can do circles and all sort of shapes in 3d and the character will attempt to move to it respecting boundaries.

I didn’t create a single mesh, each block is a different blueprint. I’m not sure I understand what you mean, but I’ll try to work on it :frowning:;base64

This might help

I would recommend watching his videos on Navmesh (Navigation mesh) also.