Do we need to use HLODs on nanite meshes? 5.0.1

I’ve heard that nanite meshes do something similar to HLOD under the hood, so if our world is composed of all nanite meshes, should we bother with HLOD?

Yeah I saw something on Reddit that stated that, but from my understanding, HLOD and World Partition work hand in hand - you create proxy meshes for groups of meshes for partitions that would otherwise be hidden - they can be set as nanite meshes too…

I’ve been wondering about the nature of HLOD usage in my project as well. The official documentation does not fully explain the world partitioning system in good detail. This circumstance leaves me confused and indecisive with regards to it’s proper utilization and as to which meshes are recommended for it’s usage.

When HLOD is working in my project and I can clearly see its effect, it culls larger architextural meshes such as walls and flooring without the need to use a distance culling volume or the need to make the mesh a blueprint to gain access to superior mesh by mesh draw culling.

So I’m guessing that it is intended for non-blueprint objects in larger worlds?