Do we have anything similar to CTAA in UE4?

Hi guys,

I’ve came to this video today and i wander if UE4 also has this type of Antialising (CTAA) and i don’t know about it.

It’s temporal aa with a different name for marketing effect. Ue4 already has it. This is from last year. Quality and performance has improved since then. Just put some epic music for background and they are equal.

It does seem to do a better job at eliminating bloom shimmer/flicker though.

I’d be hesitant with trusting the videos of Livenda Products. Their customer service and user support by far is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been following them from my days using Unity. I think their videos are always showing multiple unreleased things they are working on to achieve all the looks shown, Spectra GI Solution, Something they were calling Unreal Reflections, Candela, and now CTAA. I would not be surprised if they exaggerated the blooms and other things in that video to make their point. But typically, users have a hard time recreating their scenes when they release their products. They also have a habit of releasing a version and then consistently saying it has a lot of downfalls which will be fixed in the next patch. I applaud them for basically looking at Unreal engine and trying to get all the great things Unreal Engine does into Unity. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this asset doesn’t come out for several months from now and not live up to the videos. I’d love to be wrong, because I still have some old Unity projects I would love to incorporate their stuff into. But some days I wonder if they are just doing a psychological experiment to see how much they need to reveal to hook people into their projects without ever really releasing anything. I’m one of the fools still checks to see where they are on their ocean system for unity. :frowning:

Take a look on the unity forums for Livenda to see what I mean. And rest assured, that most stuff they are working on UE4 already does.