Do not disturb - "I drive" mode - GPS

Hello friends
I said earlier, the iPhone has had some kind of driving mode with a simplified screen and large icons. I’ve searched for yesterday evening and am on “do not disturb - I drive” pushed. This one does not have what I was looking for, but it can at least mute messages etc. so that the WhatsApp groups do not disturb them while driving. I then used the mode for test purposes today and set it to be activated as soon as my Iphone 7 Plus connects to the Bluetooth of the car radio. I have read a lot of information on different website, forums, essay writing service and blog but cannot find the answer. However, the iphone banned me pretty much after activation. The screen let absolutely nothing (which is positive in the true sense) except I would have “I do not drive” selected but in this state, I cannot press Spotify play / stop nor use GPS. When I asked Siri how the mode works, she said “you can find all the info on the internet SOON you do NOT drive any more” Tounge2. On the Apple side, if you use Apple maps, the would display despite locked display but my GPS app is Sygic and Google Maps and not Apple maps. Also, another user has reported that the GPS only works in this mode if the location is set to “always” and not “if app is open”. I do not want to change that just because of this mode.
Does anyone of you have experience with this mode or knows a good app that does about the same but is more configurable?
Best regards,