Do I need to pay WHILE developing my game that I want to release for profit?

So, the question is in the title. If I want to develop a game that I want to release for profit and I do that for let’s say 1 year, can I pay for 1 month, cancel my subscription for 1 year and develop my game for free and then pay for another month and release the game? Cause if I’ve understood it correctly you need to subscribe if you want to release your game for profit, what I am wondering is if you need to subscribe while developing too.

Yes, you can cancel after paying for a single month and continue to work on your game, you can then resubscribe at any time to get the most recent version. It’s also good to stick with a version since things can break when you move to an updated version. Unless the newest version has a feature you really want.

Also, you don’t need to be subscribed to be able to release your game, same royalty terms apply though.

Ok, thanks for clearing things up! :slight_smile: