Do I need to pay royalties fee for this?

I would like to create a game for the Oculus Rift. I want people to be able to walk around in a large room playing this game.
The will have to pay a small fee for this. Do I need to pay the 5% roalty fee in this case?

Yes. If any profit is made from the sale of a game/simulation created using UE4, 5% of the gross revenue is required to be paid to Epic.

Please view the Legal FAQ for additional information:

But for an amusement ride no royalty has to be paid. So what is the definition of a amusement ride? The people will have to pay for a 30 minutes play time and will walk in a special room with special equipment. Just like in a fairground park where you pay for some experience inside a moving car for instance. Not that I do not want to pay, but I need to know for sure to be able to calculate the ticket price.

5% of gross revenue whats to figure out?

Based on your analogy would you not have to pay a fee for the land your ride is sitting on?

Sorry, I do not understand what you want to make clear here.
I really would like to understand the rules.
I know that when I create an amusement ride (like motion platform based flight simulator), I do not have to pay the royalty fee. Thats clear. But what is defined as amusement ride. Is this only when you are automatically moved?
When customers are walking in a room where things happen, is that not a ride anymore (speaking in terms of the license)?

Read the license.

It explicitly do not require royalties for amusement ride setups using UE4. And as I see it that is what the OP is creating.

Well, that is the question. Does it fall into the amusement ride category?

I can understand amusement rides are excluded form paying royalty fees because they cost a lot of investment and a big part of the ticket for the ride is needed to cover the investments.
For the thing I have in mind I also need to invest in room and equipment etc (off course not as much as a roller coaster). So I could imagine it is royalty free. But I would like to be sure about this.

Ah OK.

In that case the move would be to contact Epic’s licensing department as to what would be considered a unique requirement that you probably would not get a response to in an open forum. Making licensing policy on the fly = bad idea.

Epic has a brand new licensing office just to handle such situations.

You can contact the licensing manager for North America, Jason Mangold, at Jason.Mangold<at>

Ok, thanks.
I will try to contact him.

I got a really fast response from him.
For who is interested:
No royalties would be due. Because they only collect royalties on products in which you sell as standalone game product.

So if you developed and ran the “amusement ride” yourself you wouldn’t have to pay the 5% but what if you ever sold or licensed your set up to a third party?


  • If he sells the software to others as a finished product, he might have to pay royalties.
  • If he sells his service to use his software to make a similar setup, there are probably no royalties.
  • I’m pretty sure there will never be a royalty on the ticket price of the “ride”.

At present it is probably wise to contact Epic about each specific case.

Simple answer, Yes there will be royalties.

Simple but wrong. Read the thread.