Do i need to pay revenue 5% if i win award?

Hey there,

I would like to know, if i win award and i get (let’s say)USD$1000, do i need to pay revenue for that?
Note: I don’t mind for sharing award at all, but i would like to know(so i won’t get trapped at later stage).

Thank you.

i would say no as that’s not revenue that’s a personal award for creation of the game. revenue is from selling the game or making money from it or selling assets for it? obviously that’s a question for the moderators.

Good question! The EULA isn’t overly clear about this, however our intent is that NO ROYALTY is due on awards from contests. We are going to clarify this in the EULA with the next update.

  • That’s really awesome news :slight_smile:

Thanks, awesome to hear that. :wink: