Do I have to learn blueprints if I wanna work as a 3D artist?

Hi guys. What areas of UE4 do I need to learn to work as a 3D artist? Do I need to learn Blueprints? Because from what I have heard so far, 3D artist creates all of the props in external program, and then placing them in the level editor, importing materials and textures that he created in external program, reconnects them with the assets and he pretty much done. Blueprints are area for other workers that work in the game studio? Is that right?

You don’t really need to use UE4 to be a 3D artist. You can use other apps like Blender to achieve what you want.
If anything, UE4 material editor is similar to node material editors in other apps, again, like Blender.

No need to learn blueprints necessarily if you just want to be a 3D artist, just get used to the other things you were saying such as importing models, textures, materials etc in different packages to get used to how they work


Thank you. But I have already lost 2 jobs only because I didnt know Unity or Unreal (I had phone interviews with recruiters and they told me that they would invite me to their studio,had I known one of the game engines also). So I know 10 programs very good, I have learned them duing 3 years and have done many artworks in them (Blender,Maya,Substance Painter,Zbrush,World Machine,Speed Tree, Quixel Mixer,Nuke,After Effects,Photoshop) but I never learned UE4 or Unity because I never wanted to work in the game studio. I just wanted to do 3D stuff or cinematic animations either for film, TV, advertisement,printing or other companies. But when I started to look for a job on different websites like Indeed,Glassdoor,cv library,totaljobs,linkedin excetera, its turned out that 80% of all of the vacancies are offered by the game studios and only 20% - other types of the companies that I have mentioned. Also if this is a 3D modeller vacancy then 95% of the companies prefer 3DSMAX over Blender or Maya. So I regret that I didnt know this softfare trend when I was starting to learn 3D 3 yers ago. Now how ironically it may sound but I know 10 programs but the main ones that are really in demand for the industry - 3DSMAX and UE4 - I dont know. So now I have to learn either UE4 or 3DS Max to increase my chances to find the job quiker, because as I said 80% of all of the vacancies are offered by the game studios, other 20% vacancies - that are mostly 3D modeler vacancies need 3DSMAX knowledge because they work only with that software and have licence only for that. Add to that also that many companies require experienced artists with 1-2 years of professional experience or graduates with relevant degree so my chances to find a job are falling even lower. So in this situation nothing else left to do than learn UE4 (for career in games) or 3DSMAX (for career in other companies)


Thank you. So thats a good news, because I see that blueprints are pretty advanced and involved stuff that will take me a lot of time to learn. So looks like 3D artist in the game studio mostly do stuff in the level editor and material editor. Thats good