Do fellow UE4 developers test the engine by playing games made with ue4?

Do fellow UE4 developers test the engine by playing games made with ue4?

I used to do this with unity but then it was quite obvious unity’s limits from playing Rust… yep 3 years in the making and they still can’t stop the animals walking through rocks and mountains… facepalm …

My favorite game is Paragon which if you don’t know is made by Epic. However I would like to point out Paragon has the worst matchmaking in the history of matchmaking… I kid you not… I’m way over lvl50 and yet the matchmaking puts 3 fresh out of noobville nooby’s on my team… then before the game starts it displays a little message " be nice to other players on your team, they might have different skills lvls… hmmmm yeah… excuse me Epic… im a human… I said I’m a human!! ok rant over…

Anyway it’s a fantastic game and I was surprised when going to a meetup that a few developers using UE4 hadn’t even heard of Paragon…

So have you played Paragon?
Have you purchased games made with EU4 to see its capabilities?
have you heard of Paragon?

what are your opinions on these games made with UE4?

I would just note that Paragon is still in beta, and plenty haven’t even heard of it. I’ve played two games of it, but accidentally chose difficult champions, and didn’t have a great time :confused:

I haven’t purchased games made in UE4 specifically to see it’s capabilities, but I have pointed out that games are made with UE4 without knowing prior, because of the disgusting motion blur that was present.

Paragon has way too many bugs; the matchmaker is just the most obvious big problem it has.
Matchmaking, unbalanced heroes, glitches such as falling through the terrain, abusive loot boxes, etc etc…
But is nothing to do with the engine though, the people responsible for the game are new to making mobas, instead of shooters.

Is this a problem they’ve been actively trying to tackle? I somehow doubt that Unity is the reason behind that game’s collision problems. Anyway I don’t seek out games to figure out their engine’s limitations (particularly when I can play with the engine myself), no. A problem one game has “because” of an engine might be something that I work around on my own (not to discredit the game for having the issue) without having to consider which games have the issue.