Do Any Artists want a Google/Trimble SketchUp Optimization Tutorial?

Hello fellow artists/developers

I’m posting here today to ask the community if it would like to see a SketchUp optimization tutorial for UE4?

I’m aware that many developers have written SketchUp off due to several inefficiencies that are a consequence of its atypical approach to mesh creation.

And if using SketchUp without any additional software, there really isn’t any method of eliminating these inefficiencies.

However, since starting 3D art creation more than six years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to become well-versed in numerous 3D software packages. Such as Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, Zbrush, 3D-Coat, and of course, SketchUp. And, I believe that there are things SketchUp can do exceptionally well in certain circumstances.

In all honesty, this tutorial presents a method I have created for my own work that involves what is certainly not the most intuitive method of asset creation out there. So if you’re looking to learn SketchUp as a replacement for one of the other 3D modeling packages, then you’re making a big mistake. I would only recommend my method and tutorial for those who either only know SketchUp, or are much more effective in using SketchUp than the alternatives.

This method also depends on two absolutely necessary pieces of software: The FBX exporter that is only available with the more recent versions of SketchUp Pro and another 3D modeling software that has the capability to merge vertices that are very close to each other.

However, this method can be extremely useful in various cases. The two most prevalent examples would be blocking out complex level layouts in a far quicker manner than using UE4’s BSP brush system, or creating hardsurface models that a considerably lower in both polycount and vertex count than similarly detail meshes created in other 3D software packages. As this method takes advantage of SketchUp’s “Sticky Geometry”.

I am genuinely curious as to whether or not others would find this information useful. If I see enough desire among the community, I will gladly create both a written and a video tutorial.

Thank you all for taking time to read this!