Do all actors Tick on a dedicated server?

Ok, quite a fundamental question, and one which I have assumed the answer is “YES”, but I’m seeing some unexpected behaviour.

As I understand it, a dedicated server runs a version of the game, just like the clients do, but it has authority over the game and is supposed to do the heavy lifting and big decision making.

I want my game to run like this, but it looks like the server isn’t acting the way that I would expect.

To cut a long story short, I have placed a PrintString inside the tick event of one of my actors, but I’m not seeing this output on the dedicated server. It does show up when I use a listen server.

I’ve made sure that the -log argument is passed to my server on startup, and I am seeing other logging strings, such as those placed within the game mode and the game state.

I’ve made sure that the “Allow Tick on Dedicated Server” option is set to true on the actor.

Is this a logging issue or have I completely misunderstood something about how a dedicated server is meant to work?