Do Actor references in the Level BP not work like normal actor references?

Okay, see the attached image:


The Level BP should move a specific actor in the level from one location to another using the Timeline node… but it does nothing.

However, you can see two pieces of diagnostic I’m using:
(1) the Printf is showing “FALSE” over and over again, meaning (a) the Timeline is indeed firing, and (b) the problem is that the location of the actor cannot be set by the Engine (rather than some problem with how that location is specified)
(2) a custom event on the actor class in question (which simply Printf’s “SEEN!” from inside the class BP). This is also being printed, meaning that the reference itself IS to the correct actor… or at least is to the correct class of actor.

I can’t figure out why this doesn’t work. I use Set Location nodes ALL THE TIME. I feel like there must be something about the kind of actor reference the Level BP uses that prohibits this type of behavior from working (where it works in other cases).

Am I missing something obvious? Because it sort of seems like this should not be something I’m getting stuck on.

Sorry, this was just me being stupid. The actor in question was set to Static and not Movable; of course it couldn’t be moved!