DK2: Direct mode only working via Editor > Standalone Game. Not working with Launch


We are on 4.4.1 with runtime 0.4.2
We’re having an issue where direct mode (and mirroring) only works when we start the game via Editor > Play > Standalone Game. This method works fine.

When starting it with cooked Launch mode, it only shows a window in stereo mode. The DK2 light stays orange. If i type “fullscreen” or “stereo on”, I only get a stereo window - nothing shows on the DK2.

Is there something I’m missing? Perhaps some code that wasn’t integrated properly?


You are not alone. This is happening for me to.

Have you tried adding the console commands to your Level Blueprint?

I thought Oculus SDK 0.4.1 was integrated with UE4 4.4.1 (and even up to 4.4.3). Should 0.4.2 be expected to work fully, or at all?

It sounds like it’s working for you sometimes, so the newer SDK must not be totally breaking things. Just a thought though. Did 4.4.1 work in direct mode for you with 0.4.1?

Note: I’ve not yet had a chance to work on VR/UE4 code yet, so I can’t give you my experience with direct mode.

Good luck!

i have yet to get a cooked game to run correctly in direct mode.

just now, i’ve downgraded to runtime 0.4.1 as well as downgrading the firmware back to 2.11, but still no luck.

the head tracking is working in the cooked game as i can see the the game running stereo in a window, but nothing shows on the dk2.

via editor > standalone game, everything works fine.

Don’t run the game in windowed mode; run it in fullscreen, and you should be able to view the game with your HMD.

thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately, same issue.
i get the game in stereo fullscreen on the monitor. Nothing shows up in the DK2 and the light remains orange.

Unfortunately the DK2 support in UE4 is still very buggy, many people are having problems.

There are some commands to make it run abit decent, but we just have to wait for a new version to properly fix it.

I hope the guys at Epic do this quickly because when Unity 5 comes out with default Oculus support, and it works properly, they will lose alot of developers.

The 0.4.2 runtimes are unfortunately NOT compatible with the 0.4.1 integration that’s in 4.4.1. Please uninstall the 0.4.2 runtimes and reinstall the older runtimes if you want to use 4.4.1. The upcoming 4.5 release will be compatible with 0.4.2.

Please remember if you’re developing for UE4, you should check with which version the engine supports before upgrading your Oculus drivers. They’re early, and they are not always forward compatible with minor revisions.

Also, 0.4.1 wasn’t very performant in direct mode. The display driver had some issues, and Oculus recommends running in Extended mode with 0.4.1. 0.4.2 is much improved, but the display driver still has some issues with direct mode. This is NOT something we can fix at an engine level. Unfortunately, we need the updated display driver from Oculus. With the 0.4.2 integration, direct mode is more functional, but there are still some performance issues.

As for the tracking and monitor detection, cooked build or no cooked build shouldn’t make a difference. I’d try in extended mode to see if you get the same results. I tried a cooked build internally, and it worked here. Sounds like the plugin isn’t the problem if it was detecting and rendering in stereo in a windowed mode. You should just have to full screen it to have it pop to device.

Unforutnately, we were at the mercy of the 0.4.1 release, which has some issues internally which we cannot address. Things are much better with 0.4.2, but there are still some kinks in the direct mode driver. We’ve tried a preview of the later drivers, which are much more stable. Hopefully those will be released to everyone soon!

Are you experiencing any other bugs that we can investigate?

Hmm interesting, i’m using UE 4.4.3 and Oculus 0.4.1, and I’m getting about 15 FPS more in Direct Mode than in Extended if i force no mirroring (R9-290).

Direct Mode is certainly faster when it works, but the instability with certain configurations is the main concern. If you’re not noticing issues with your config in direct mode, by all means, feel free to use it!