DK2 camera rotation locked when possesing a second pawn (4.11.1)

So I have just upgraded my project to 4.11.1, was expecting some differences in the VR implementation.

To start with the camera on each pawn was showing too low to the ground. Someone mentioned it another thread to uncheck “Lock to HMD” on the pawn camera. This seemed to do the trick and it went back to the correct height with HMD rotation etc working.

In my game you can posses two different pawns, a character and a car. When you swap to the car I used to have to call “Follow HMD orientation” on the player camera manager to allow for HMD rotation to work. This has been removed in the latest version by the looks of things. Now when I posses the car, if I have “Lock to HMD” disabled the camera height is correct but there is no HMD rotation, if I enable “Lock to HMD” then rotation works but the camera is on the floor.

Anyone else got a similar issue? Is it just a DK2 problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, formatt, I’ve upgraded my unreal engine to 4.11.1, but when I repeated my develop action as before(4.11.0), my DK2 did not show anything, as I clicked the “Play(VR Preview)”.
Would you please give me a description on “How did you made your DK2 worked on unreal engine 4.11.1”? Thanks.