Distribution Packing Windows64 fails

Hi everyone!
I have problems with packaging our project. I really hope you can help me-

We have managed to create a little game for architectural visualization. Everything was running smooth. We have created many working packs without any problem.

Once the project was finished and before doing the very last packaging I decided to tidy up the project. So I renamed some maps, fix up redirectors and delete some unused assets.

Now the packaging won’t work anymore. I get some errors I can’t fix.
I haven’t found any backup file :frowning:

And the output log:

And the full output log:

I’d really appreciate some help. We are so close to finish it.

Thanks so much!


I have created new blank levels using the non-found maps names. Right now I’m not getting the warnings about being unable to find package for cooking.

Unfortunately, the packaging still doesn’t work. I got the same Unknown cook failure

Any idea? It’d be will be much much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Berga & Gonzalez architects,

The issue appears to be with the textures in the materials being used in the RoomNoLights map:

For future reference, in your output log, do a search for “Warning Error Summary” and the first things listed are typically the culprits.