Distributing a built engine version internally


I was wondering what the best method to distribute an Engine version that I have built, as well as all current project binaries, to all of the members of my team. To my knowledge you used to be able to do a rocket build using a batch file and UAT, however that does not seem to work for me at all and rocketbuild.automation.cs is completely absent in my files. I am the only programmer on a team of 6 people and I find it to be far too time consuming to help each of them compile the engine and the project so that they can get work done.

Hi JohnnyGuitar,

Sorry for the delayed response. We recently added the BuildGraph functionality to the Engine, which is what we use at Epic to create the binary Engine builds that are released through the Launcher. You can use the BuildGraph to create a binary version of the Engine (essentially the same thing as the rocket build that you used to create), and distribute that among your team members.

One thing that you will want to watch out for, though, is that unless you specifically set a registry key for the binary Engine when it is put on a new computer so that it is the same as the registry key every other computer uses for that Engine, Windows will randomly create and assign one. The problem with this is that even though the Engine is identical to the same Engine on another computer, when a project is opened it will see the Engine as being different since the registry key doesn’t match the key of the Engine it was created with. The simplest solution, as far as the other members of your team are concerned, would be to create a simple installation utility to install the binary Engine and set the registry key at the same time. They would just run the installation utility, and since every computer where that binary Engine is installed would share the same registry key, projects could easily be opened in that Engine on any of those computers.

Hey, thanks! I’ll be sure to go ahead and reply to this once with results once I figure all of this out!