DistanceFieldAtlas Crash on steam dedicated server build


We are deep into crunch time and we are getting a strange crash with DistanceFieldAtlas as soon as we connect to a dedicated server on steam.
The crash is an assertion failed type located in DistanceFieldAtlas.cpp [Line: 392]

I can not really debug this as it was not running on the main thread so I was not able to get much info about this in the callstack.

This is the block that crashes (DistanceFieldAtlas.cpp [Line: 392]) :

// Update the volume texture atlas
check(Texture->VolumeData.CompressedDistanceFieldVolume.Num() == Size.X * Size.Y * Size.Z * FormatSize);
ourceDataPtr = &Texture->VolumeData.CompressedDistanceFieldVolume;

We tried disabling DistanceFieldAtlas in the .ini config but still same crash


Dennis Andersson

I managed to solve this already. I just placed a breakpoint before the check statement, which allowed me to read the value of the Texture local variable. From there i could get the instance name of the static mesh in the level that was causing issues.