Distance fields calculated also on dedicated server?

I have a dedicated server with my maps. When I launch it , I see its calculating distance fields for all meshes. I’m using 4.24.1-release.

I’m launching the server through the editor with command line:

$UNREALPATH/UE4Editor $PSUnrealPATH/PSUnreal.uproject -server $LOGGING

[2020.05.06-10.36.06:028][954]LogMeshUtilities: Finished distance field build in 6.4s - 64x64x64 distance field, 1338 triangles, Range -0.1, 1.0], coconutPalm_01
[2020.05.06-10.36.13:141][167]LogMeshUtilities: Finished distance field build in 7.1s - 64x64x64 distance field, 1076 triangles, Range -0.1, 1.0], curlyPalm_01

Aren’t distance fields used only for rendering? Why a server side is calculating those instead of being disabled by default? In any case how can I disable that and are there any drawbacks?