Distance Field AO rendering problem

Hey guys, i’m having some rendering issues turning on “Generate mesh distance fields”, i deleted all my lights and reopen the editor, put on a movable skylight and then i’m having this weird shadow problem and black holes in the screen.

My graphics card is Nvidia GTX 765M
Any issues with my graphics card maybe? Am i doing something wrong?

Here are some images

Update: I scaled up a bit the Distance Field Resolution Scale on Staticmeshes but the problem persisted, sudently when i play in the Editor the problem goes away and everything looks ok.

Do i need a directional light if i’m using a movable skylight?

Skylight is just for ambient lighting, it doesn’t provide any direct lighting like the sun.
So yes, if you want a light source like the sun, you’ll need a directional light.

Thank you Jonimake, for those who want to use Distance Field AO feature i really recommend watching the twitch about it

Hi Mauriccio,

The artifacts in the editor viewport that go away when you press F11 twice (or go into PIE and exit) are a bug in DFAO, hopefully will be able to fix those soon. Usually they do not show up in game, only in the editor.

The artifacts in your 4th screenshot with the rock look like incorrect self-shadowing due to insufficient DF resolution.

In your 3rd screenshot it looks like DFAO is working ok other than those 2 things.

Only if you want a sun. Although sometimes you want to use atmosphere to create the sky that the skylight will capture and then you can set the directional light as the atmosphere sun to control the direction of the sun in the atmosphere.

Thank you Daniel, it fixed when i tested in PIE and increased the DF resolution for most meshes. Specially the rocks, i ended up resizing them and have more instances instead of bigger ones.