Distance Field AO doesn't appear in Lit view

My distance field stuff seems to be working right for the ray-traced shadows from my directional light, but the AO is nowhere to be found. It shows up in the “Visualize” option for DistanceFieldAO (pictured), but not in the normal lit view. I’ve got my moveable skylight, and it all seems to be functioning besides this. There is only indirect light hitting that wall behind the couch, so the AO shouldn’t be gone.


Make sure it is enabled in Show > Lighting Features(not Visualize) > Distance Field AO.

Yeah, it’s enabled. So I moved the couch into an area of the level that has absolutely zero lighting, and the Distance Field AO does actually work in the Lit view (pictured), but why is it overpowered in the normal lighting? Putting the skylight intensity back to 1 from .3 does nothing for it.