Distance Based Tessalation in one Function Node

Hey Fellas,
maybe someone might find this useful. I created a little Material Function from DaveTheFreak’s great Tutorial (found here:
You find it as Tessalation in your materil browser, plug a map (height map) in and plug the outcoming Multiplier and Displacement into the plugs in your material and done. As in the tutorial you find all the important stuff as parameters for all your Instancing pleasures.
Place it under your install folder …\Epic Games\4.10\Engine\Content\Functions\Engine_MaterialFunctions01\Tessalation to make it a standard function to be used across all project. Hope you enjoy.

AGAIN: All credits go to DaveTheFreak. All i did was barely adding a Vector3 input and 2 texture outputs. Still it works well, especially with substance. Just activate Height output, plugin and go.