Display UMG Widget on Material. "Computer-Interactive" system.

I’m having a problem. I want to display a UMG on top of a material. That way, it would serve as a computer system that is interactive, kind of like a control-system.
The UMG would replace the “off” material. (On = UMG displayed, off material is not shown. Off = off material shown, UMG not displayed)

Computer On =

  • Display Interactive UMG/Widget
  • Override the standard material that doesn’t display anything.
    Computer Off =
  • Don’t Display Interactive UMG/Widget
  • Display the material that shows the computer is off.

there is experimental support for placing UMG in the world, look at the widget component. You could always hide it to show a textured object underneath. Its still pretty buggy so not really production ready.

Hm, thanks.