Display problems on Oculus Quest (Help me please!)

When I open any project on Oculus Quest a part of the virtual world appears with the wrong colors as in the photo.

It does not happen systematically, sometimes there is no problem and it occurs later as soon as I start to insert elements or blueprints.

I use the engine version 4.23.0 and Oculus updated to the latest version.

I use Blueprint-based projects with a pre-configured virtual reality template.

Thank you for any help you can give me to solve this problem!

I’ve encountered similar problems. But for me just rebuilding lighting fixes the issue

PS. One thing I noticed I sometimes have to change LightmassImportanceVolume. Make it much bigger or even rotate a bit

Thanks for the advice JJ FX, I will try so in the meantime but I hope someone can suggest me a definitive solution!

Do you have have “support arm64” enabled? Try disabling that and enabling support armv7

No, armv7 is already enabled by default.

Hi I can’t seee anything that is made on UR4 4.23.1, after setting up a VR project as per any tutorials, I plug my Quest, Lunch the VR into the Headset but nothing, i see just black…can anyone help me to figure this? MANY TKX