Displace Object along camera vector with WPO

Hey guys,

I am working on a little side project right now and I am kinda getting stuck a bit. I have a particle system that renders a couple of sprites (static, not moving) and I want to have
one element moving along the camera vector between the camera and the particle systems origin (I think thats the one at least :D)

So I already had something working, but it only worked for one side…so basically when I was moving the camera to the left, it did what I wanted, but when I moved it to the right, it didnt :smiley:

I want to do this with WPO in the material of the sprite and the behavior should basically be like what you can see with the elements of the post process lens flare. Sadly, I am not super good when it comes to all that vector math, so I was wondering if somebody could help me out a bit here :slight_smile:

I have a little image to better illustrate what I mean:

Appreciate any help with this!

Thanks a lot and cheers,

Anyone? Any ideas? :smiley: