Dismemberment with BP?

Would it be possible to get the limb contact point (probably need Ramas BP library) then slice it off? Lets say I swing a big sword at an actor and it hits their arm. I’d like that arm to be cut off. Is this even possible with BP? or at all I guess I should say.

IIRC the Event Hit in Blueprint has a property called Hit Bone. You can use that to compare to which bone it hit (like limb joint or something) and then using that information you can initiate the dismemberment. I think you can use Trace too but i am not sure on that.

After that you would want to turn on ragdoll for the limb being dismembered.

Hey I’ve tried turning ragdoll on (for the limb) but I can’t see any dismemberment like bone break from UE3. Anyone got this working?

We don’t have dismemberment like UE3, and also breaking bone can be expensive if you would like to have the limb to simulate physically because it can cause a huge bound box for the mesh itself.
What we usually recommend is to hide bone when that happens, and spawn the new physics actor. Hide bone isn’t pretty though when you’d like to see internal organ.

For UE3, we had alternative weight that can be used for breakage, and that alternate weight (rigid) was the one replaced for the breakage area. If soft skinned, hiding bone won’t look great.
We don’t have that system anymore. What we’d like eventually is not with weight, but do this in shader.

I think you can try hide bone and replace material to make it look better.



Hi, I have been making my skeletal meshes with nothing skinned but a tiny box that isn’t rendered and then use i use individual mesh parts attached to sockets, everything seems to move perfectly as along as your mesh part’s socket is aligned properly and i can dismember stuff awesomely just by detach the mesh from the socket. Though if you want to dismember a whole chain like an arm or leg you need hide those meshes and set up physics actors and spawn them like Lina said.

also pretty cool effect is having destructible meshes alongside static ones. that way if you get blown up by a rocket launcher or something everything could be detached, have them fly apart then physx impulse them so it will break all the meshes. :slight_smile: although my character right now has 151 individual mesh parts just for the base skeleton so it does take some time setting it up.

Makes me curious about how Mortal Kombat is handling things. Is the recently announced MK X using UE4 or UE3? Though I guess they’re not exactly using physics.

A thought that’s been rattling around in the back of my mind is a creature that picks up limbs and attaches them to it’s body in places there aren’t normally limbs. A different take on the term “human centipede” perhaps.