Discussion for faster workflow

I’ve been doing asset creation for UE4 for about 1 and half month now. And I started to realize that my workflow isn’t as efficient as it should be. My current workflow goes somewhat like this:

  • Use either 3ds Max or Blender to get the mesh done, un-wrap it etc,
  • Get mesh in Zbrush for sculpting and baking(with xNormal, if required),
  • Get mesh in Substance Designer and do the texturing(Helps a bit in speed up the workflow)
  • Expose the required parameters and Publish the .sbsar, export it to UE4.
  • I sometimes use 3d Coat, for UV mapping complex meshes.

Most time consuming thing is modelling and UV mapping. I’m Kinda fed up with both blender and max, but I still use them as I don’t see another nice option. So, my questions are:

  1. Is this the right workflow? If not then what is?
  2. What should I change in my workflow, to get things done faster and more efficient?
  3. I’m Looking for new and FASTER Modelling workflow/application. Tried C4D - Same as max/blender, also Tried Modo(well praised for its modelling tools) for sometime - Even slower than blender and needs just too many clicks to get basic things done. I just want a app with super fast modelling workflow, any suggestions??
  4. Which software you use for 3d modelling and UV mapping?
  5. Which software should I use to increase speed in my workflow?
  6. Any suggestion related to the topic ?


  1. A workflow is a personal thing and something to learn as to what best fits the pipeline.
  2. Nothing. It’s something to learn and can not be taught or bought
  3. For basic stuff I really like Hexagon 2. Editing/modeling only (Maya like) tools but lack a FBX exporter to make it shine.
  4. 3ds Max as it’s part of my workflow… See #1
  5. FBX. Since UE4 has FBX support any application with FBX export and import features will be a perfect fit to workflow additions and increasing tool access.
  6. Learn what FBX “really” is. It’s not just another “export” format but a true DCC wrapper. (and native to MotionBuilder)

For many cases I start first with Zbrush then bring it to Max to map the low-poly mesh over it.