Discord chat for UE4 devs

Discord is excellent for voice chat, that’s where it’s strengths lie (for example, a game server with two teams can easily both hop into the same Discord server and have shared text chat, but separate voice chat channels that can be dropped in and out of freely).

could you explain me guys why you’re outside discord?

Sweet, logging in now!

So many people, not so active? Or is it me?

There is another discord group with a bunch of the Discord Devs and Unreal Devs:

Just be sure to never reveal any personal information on Discord. The channels are heavily monitored and data is collected. You can do your own research on Google but it appears the guy who runs Discord has a history of spying and selling personal data

Can you link to some quality articles about Discord privacy?
The ‘Surveillance-Economy’ wheel just keeps rolling rolling. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m down to about one App now… Its called ‘Signal’! - FTR!
Meanwhile Privacy Shield is coming under new scrutiny too…

I could but I would be banned from this forum. There have been documented cases where Discord has forwarded personal information to a group that specializes in doxing. Like I said, I can not say more here because I want to keep my account. You can either do your own research, believe me, or don’t believe me, up to you. All I want to do is give people here a heads up. Whether you take my advise or not is your choice.


Banned… Why? Epic is quite pro-privacy as corps go.
As long as the link isn’t just some inflammatory Reddit…
If its not send me the link by PM, I don’t mind posting it…
Privacy is too important a topic now to just self-censor…

Any updates on that link about discord? Id like to use the service, but I want to know @Wallenstein knows…

I will NOT post anything here, but you can do your own research on the guy who runs discord and his history (OpenFeint just go to Wikipedia) and there are many articles by people claiming that the contents of their chat has been leaked.
Now I’m not saying you can’t use Discord to talk to people about Unreal Bugs or Marketplace sets. what I’m saying is to NOT use your personal info there and to consider using a VPN

Thanks guys!!!

Regardless it’s just common sense to not mention personal info in such places not even in forums like this >.< Having a different handle/email for different places can be a little nice sometimes especially to reduce harm when being compromised. And having different passwords for different things >.> If you take a hit because you weren’t careful in these regards it’s no one else’s fault.

It’s very easy to write things that capture logs from places like discord, irc, forums, you name it. It’s just text to scrape. Some people do it to test their homebrew ai for things like trying to spot accounts with potentially the same owner by finding speech patterns or whatever else. Some do it for statistical research. Some do it just for fun. Your accountable for what you type in public. It may never go away.

You can buy a bundle to upload larger amount of files in Discordapp or you can use for example MediaFire.

​​​​​​Well I was kickbanned permanently Unreal Slackers(they don’t tolerate music meme gag jokes,pirated software so I guess metaphorically this means no bootlegs-remade or demade retro video games from 80’s and 90’s,no copyrights infringement so I guess no mentioning of old Epic Games PC games from early and late 90’s I guess same goes for former employees so PTSD or negative manners similar to schizophrenia results sudden ban,no NSFW behaviors such as stalking,doxxing, prying in someone’s private life,grooming,sexting, flirting in unreal slackers discord server. 3 years have been pass since this thread was closed.…ine-developers
How unfortunate that Fortnite Battle Royale forum moved to and was switched to Reddit. I can’t even find forum archives in Way Back Machine.

I don’t understand the issue. If you are like me, in the US, everything we say, do or flush is databased in real time, in perpetuity. Data is the new oil, except it never goes bad.
So, say you dox yourself, I don’t see how you weren’t already doxxed. Discord, if you look at it’s background tasks is as much a data vacuum, as is twitter, google, …, firefox, …, anything on the computer. WWW stood for world wide wiretap for a reason.
What happens if you discuss Marketplace items? The creator cries or something? Wouldn’t bugs found be just free QA/QI for the Unreal devs? What am I missing?


Curious if it was time to join-the-herd. :stuck_out_tongue: Took a deeper look but didn’t like what I found:

Discord as a substitute / replacement / companion tool to Answer-Hub and the Forums - :cool:
Discord as a useful promotional tool for building up a community to help launch a game - :cool:
Discord for work / business? Not without E2EE! Just too many reasons to distrust them - :(:

Discord = Facebook-4-gamers = Invasive tracking + Lack of privacy + Data breach risks!
If they ever add E2EE messaging then maybe. But the founders just don’t seem to DGAF.
And they started out with a cynical contempt for user data same as Zuck.:eek: Alarm bells

Discord isn’t private and doesn’t pretend to be, and anything you write there is theoretically accessible by anyone - there’s no point being needlessly alarmist about it. There are no data breach risks if you don’t post anything you wouldn’t post somewhere like this message board (and there’s no requirement to sign up with anything more than an e-mail address).

It’s also pretty unreasonable to expect end-to-end encryption on a chat server used by some 25,000 free users.


There are numerous calls (Discord Forums / Reddits) requesting E2EE, with less than credible responses from Discord.
How hard would it be to add E2EE for DM / PM and VOIP at least??? If WhatsApp offers it for DM’s and Zoom for VOIP!
Facebook has long been planning to add E2EE across all its platforms, not just WhatsApp. So clearly they see merit in it.
Adding E2EE to all Group chats may be more complicated. But your defense of Discord not adding it seems out of touch. :wink:

It’s really very ironic that you’d mention WhatsApp and Zoom in this context, the latter in particular.

Zoom does not support E2EE (and lied about their security capabilities), leading to big problems with people intercepting or joining supposedly private voice calls. It’s so much of an issue, that it even has it’s own Wikipedia page;

They’re still working on preventing that now.

WhatsApp is less vulnerable, but it has a very small maximum group size, and a maximum call size of 4 people. That’s how they can use E2EE encryption. Discord on the other hand doesn’t claim to be secure. It’s a public social media / chat platform that happens to allow private messaging and voice calls, just like many other social platforms.

Discord and WhatsApp are not equivalents. Discord is a social group application, hence allowing servers with populations three full orders of magnitude greater than WhatsApp (I believe the largest Discord server has nearly half a million users), and allowing voice calls between 25 users and video streams to 50 users.

Untrue! Zoom has already started rolling out E2EE to all users… The interesting part is how quickly they were able to do it, once they came under pressure. Whereas Discord don’t care what users think. Why not offer E2EE for DM’s at least???

Untrue! 8-person is now supported. But its not about what Discord claim or don’t claim here, its about what users want and use Discord for. Game devs also use it for finding work / collaboration / business. So the lack of E2EE on the platform isn’t good (DM’s at least)… Your defense of Discord not adding a long requested feature like E2EE for DM just doesn’t add up.