Disco moving light instances

My problem is to have more than one moving light in the scene that works correct, which I would like to have in the end, probably 10 or 20 or so.
So the first one is doing all pretty well, it follows the animated target and I can switch the light colors. But if I drop another one in the scene,
then only one follows the target while the other one is running the light colors. How can I fix this ? How can I use a bunch of moving lights in the scene ?
Here are some screenshots:
event graph 1
event graph 2
eventgraph 1.PNG.jpg
construction script

Are your variables defined ? If you did a copy maybe one of your variable is registered for first blueprint and can’t find info relative to second blueprint when needed.
If your functions are exactly the same and your variables are defined, the trouble may be how you call them. To have it work i suppose i would do a “get all actors” / “cast to movinglight” / custom event.