Discarding Specific Foliage Types

Article written by Ryan B.

In addition to the density scaling settings available for foliage, there is an option to completely remove select foliage types. This can be useful when needing to get rid of specific foliage types that generally don’t affect gameplay for certain platforms.

To remove the foliage types, you will need to enable the console variable, CVarFoliageDiscardDataOnLoad, and mark each foliage type to be removed by checking the Enable Discard on Load option found under the scalability settings in the details panel of a selected foliage type while in Foliage Editing Mode.


Note: in engine versions prior to 4.26, the option to have specific foliage types removed by using the console variable, CVarFoliageDiscardDataOnLoad, will be applied to all foliage types that have density scaling enabled. This means that there is no control in choosing which foliage types can have their density adjusted while being able to discard other types.