disarray_2018_art game ue4_18.2

i wanted to share my (art)diploma porject (that i obviously did in ue4) with you.
its a game where i tried to reverse game dogmas and explore the basic gaming motivations with the “mechanisms of consciousness - attention” (posner 1994)

this is the descirbing text:
A “multiversal” labyrinth of collective events, which seems to be characterised by repetition yet is distinguished by its narrative content through the interaction of the user. With each connection and each leap into a subsequent multiverse, each user sets forth on their own (narrative) odyssey on rough sea.

link for the compiled: (cc)…ew?usp=sharing

link for the source: (cc)…ew?usp=sharing

i only used the ue4 18.2. vanilla (no plugins).

disclaimer: i had a timeperiode of 6 months for learing ue4 from scratch and making this project.
it started out organized and with a structure in my head but with growing timepressure it got alot of pasta
and i really dont have the time to clean it up. it is still full of artifacts of not implemented concepts and cut down mechanics.