Disappearing "subscribe me" button in Answerhub topics

When viewing an Answerhub page, there is usually the green “subscribe me” button at the right hand side of the page. Every now and then, when I click it, nothing happens, and when I click it again, it disappears and won’t re-appear for me for that topic.

I am not sure yet whether I am subscribed to the topic when getting into this state, at least I haven’t yet gotten any email notifications about such topics. Edit: Is there some place where you could see which topics you have subscribed to?

This is related to the account, not to the browser: when logging in with a different browser and navigating to such a page, the “subscribe me” button is still missing.

Currently, my account is in this state for this question, in case that you want to take a look what is happening inside your system: Set Members In Struct node does not work - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

ps. Another minor unrelated issue: Upvoting something in the Answerhub causes the displayed vote counter to initially change by 2, not by 1. Reloading the page repeatedly (tried this only once, though) shows that it goes back and forth a few times before settling to the correct value.