Disabling simd (sse, avx, etc.) in ue4.23.1

In Epic’s official UnrealEngine 4.23.1 release in an x86-64 Ubuntu 18.04 environment, I’m able to successfully compile and run UnrealEditor from source with no modifications. I seek to disable x86-64 SIMD extensions.

I defined PLATFORM_ENABLE_VECTORINTRINSICS as ‘0’ in the official Epic UE 4.23.1 release and was met with errors because the SSE implementation appears hardcoded in various places and these don’t appear to have a fallback like some functionality, thus it fails to build.

The goal is to determine if visual artifacts I am seeing in a forked ppc64le version is caused by lack of x86-64 SIMD extensions.

Is there a way to disable the use of SSE, AVX, etc. in the official Epic UnrealEngine 4.23.1 release?