Disable shadows for the first couple of units from their emitter?

Currently i am creating an archviz scene that has a lot of luminaires in it.
However for a lot of lamps i’m using it is covered by semi transluscent lampshades that cast shadows onto the lights.
My problem is that a lot of these lights contain parts like lightbulbs/frames and the lampshades themselves that are casting ugly shadows onto the walls.

Initially i thought about disabling shadowcasting for the relevant meshes, however this causes a lot of funny effects when a external lightsource is casting a shadow from the luminair.
Instead of the full silhouette you only see a stick for instance.


So i was wondering, would it be possible to have lightsources “ignore” shadowcasting for the first amount of specified units that they travel?
This would make it that lights in a certain luminair would not cast selfshadows, though other external lights will be able to cast shadows onto a neighboring luminaire.