Disable lens flare for just a single material?

Is it somehow possible to create a material with a high emissive value that doesn’t create lens flares? I know I can disable lens flares entirely, but I want to have lens flares in the game. It’s just that on this specific material it looks annoying, because it is moving very quickly and the lens flares start to flicker.

To do something like that would be a bit complicated, I’m not sure about the exact way of doing that, since it’s deferred rendering you would have to create some type of render pass mask for the object and use that to modify the image that is used to generate the lens flare. Probably more work than it’s worth

Would be quite a lot of work, though personally I find the stock lens flares far too overpowering anyway.

This is what I suspected unfortunately. If I remember correctly, in one of the earlier demonstration videos, Zac said that lens flares now worked on a per pixel basis. I assume, the engine renders the scene entirely (or the lighting at least) and then calculates lens flares after that. It definitely sounds like it would require a lot of engine digging to change this.

Just a heads-up on lens flare…it is purely as an optical defect that is best avoided by a lot of cinematographers these days. The human eye does not produce lens flare, therefore it is unrealistic and not a naturally occurring visual effect. When you introduce it into a realistic immersive perceptive in a game, you are “technically” breaking that realism (unless the player is supposed to be looking through a lens). It does work well IMO when portraying something surreal or unexplainable, but only briefly.

It still looks cool though and seems to be “in” currently. We’re talking about games here. I’m pretty sure “cover to heal” isn’t any more realistic than lens flares :slight_smile: But you’re right of course.