Disable Cloth Simulation using ForceClothNextUpdateTeleport()

Updated Description

This is on 4.6

I have a custom Pawn blueprint that has 2 pieces of clothing on. A cape and a headband. I move this character around by moving the entire blueprint using SetActorLocation() so that he matches up with a physics object in the scene.

Occasionally I need to teleport him and am trying to eliminate the cloth getting jerked when traveling long distances in a frame. I’ve been trying to use:


Where Headband and Cape are my USkeletalMeshComponent for my clothing. This isn’t working at all, the function has no visible effect, the cape and headband still get jerked as a result of the teleport.

There is another function: FreezeClothSection and if I call it on one of my pieces of clothing e.g. Headband->FreezeClothSection(true) then the cloth freezes just how I want. The problem is that calling FreezeClothSection(false) also resets the cloth which then results in a visible jerk.

So ForceClothNextUpdateTeleport seems to do nothing and FreezeClothSection resets the cloth when being disabled. What other options do I have?

ForceClothNextUpdateTeleport seems to be ineffective.