Disable ARkit Camera?

Hello all,

Currently working with the ARkit. ARCamera is working great, however I want to include an option for the user to turn off AR and be able to play from a normal Camera. Is there a way to accomplish this? In 4.17 there was an ARkit camera component, however in 4.18 is seems like if you have the ARKit plugin Loaded and “start in AR” checked in project settings, any camera will become an ARKit camera. I can not find a way to specify if I want a specific camera to be an AR Camera or not.

One thing that helps strangely is under my Pawn’s Camera settings, un-checking “Lock to HMD” seems to help a bit, however if I move the iOS device I still seem to inherit its movement into the camera.

Perhaps there is a way to uncheck “start in AR” during runtime?