Directional & Distance-based Arm Anims

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to find info on how to create arms that move when you’re a short distance from objects. The only example I can speak of is in Assassins creed: when you approach people in a crowd your characters arms move up and push them away. I was thinking it would be cool to have your character ‘push’ on physics doors like the swinging doors of a wild west saloon, or on glass revolving doors, or even for running to walls in a space zero-gravity game.

how would I approach this? would the door-detecting or wall-detecting volume be on the character or wold the object itself have a player-detecting volume? any links to resources, ideas on this kind of thing or help would be appreciated!

seems like i had the wrong idea in mind, i’m going to plug along with the animation montage setup i read about here: