Direction wrong when rotate the camera

In Unreal Twin Stick Shooter template, when I rotate the camera (from springarm) I lost correct direction both movement and fire, how I resolve it?

thanks folks!

Uh, give more information.

What he probably means is that the forward vector / x is now in a different direction than the camera view (direction). And he wants to know how to update the forward vector so that the movement and firing is always in line with his camera.

At least that’s my guess lol

Thing is that guessing what he means takes much more time and effort than he put in writing that post. And may be totally wrong because it is guessing. You want get good answer, better prepare good question.

I create clean template Twin stick shooter from unreal menu, into ship blueprint-eventgraph I add springarm rotation (with left d-pad button) but when I try to rotate (for example 90 degrees clockwise) direction of command remain the same before movement of cam, then up become right, right become down ad so on, same for fire direction, I hope I was clear

I try to correct this, thanks!