direct link import issue

HI.Please HELP.i always use directlink import feature.but somehow its dont works anymore.yes i can import datasmith file.but i need live sync
Screenshot 2023-08-27 100654
its always shows my sketchup direct links.but now stopped working

Hey there @Alfa4ce! A couple questions!

What version of Unreal are you using?

When did DirectLink fail?

After closing your project and relaunching and pressing refresh, is it still failing?

You may want to try to reinstall the importer:

Thank you for responding.i tryed everything and its steel don’t works,but somehow when i turn off my mouse the plugin starts working.i don’t know why.may be mouse have some macros or driver conflict

Interesting! So I’d found some older posts referencing that game controllers can also cause a similar issue, though I’m unsure of the mechanism it seems to line up with your experiences there. Would you be inclined to submit a bug report?