Different versions of scene in same Level

If I have a scene that have certain lights colored one way, can I have another version of the same scene with the same lights colored differently in the same level?

Just in case no one else comes by who is more experienced I can try and help. There are multiple ways I have in mind how I would go about this. How will this be playing out, when a player starts this specific level they lights will choose between 2 random colors. Is the level on start choosing between a bunch of different colored lights that it will decide on its own or do you have set colors in mind?

Depends on needs. Different character interactions would probably make a new level (copy the map) a good idea.

If you can’t afford the overhead or want to keep the project light, create custom events in the Level Blueprint to switch the lights from one set of settings to another.

Then you need to decide what powers the switch.

This too is extremely similar to how you go about creating a night/day cycle. Normally, you careate a night function and a day function that adjust light over time via lerp to get the desired effects.
It’s especially useful at night, where if the sun or directional light is under the landscape you get extra-lit foliage. The easiest thing is to literally turn off the sun at night.