Different trajectory with same velocity. Projectile movement component

I wanted to create a human cannon and using projectile movement component looked good for me because the blueprint node predict projectile path will do all the work for me, in theory. In reality, it only predicts the trajectory for an unpossessed pawn. The possessed character even without any key input flies a significantly shorter distance and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s crazy enough to use this component for the character?

Why not try experimenting… Substitute the Pawn mesh into the Projectile, and see if this is actually what you want or if it even looks right. Then teleport the Character to the final destination of the Projectile when you want the Pawn back (hiding the mesh / destroying the projectile etc)… Projectiles tend to bounce around / rebound, so using a Projectile might not even be what you want.

You could also try attaching the Character to the Projectile, or the other way around. It might be necessary to disable Collision on the Character, and size the Projectile’s collision to encompass both. There’s probably some big pros and cons too if this will ever be used for Multiplayer, so that’s another consideration.

Overall, this rocket man idea has been done before. So its worth searching YouTube / Community-Tools / Marketplace for ideas… In your shoes though, I think I’d start with a Pawn and just add forces and build it all yourself Multiplayer ready… Jacky’s viper project also offers ideas about using thrusters on a mesh too…