Different shading based on visibility from characters point of wiew!?

Hi all,

I have a quiestion that I cant seem to find any good clues on, so I’m posting it here, hoping to get some suggestions.

Basically, what I want to do (in my 3D-Sidescroller project) is to render everything that is visible from the player-characters point of view with ‘normal’ shading/lighting, but anything that would be hidden (from characters heads point of view) should be shaded very dark or not at all.
Imagine a point light on the characters head: everything it hist should be shaded, everything else - not!

I am intuitively thinking that this should be solved with postprocessing, but have no clue on the performance-cost or how to go about doing it.

I’m pretty new to Unreal-Engine and would really appreatiate any suggestions to how I can achieve this effectively.

PS: I’ll try to cough up some screenshots and even maybe something testable during the next days!:slight_smile:

Br and tnx in advance!