Different lightmap just for IOS

Hi I really appreciate some help, I’m working in a little project to test ArchViz for mobile, right now everything is OK, just one thing, I build basic lightmaps and works well for PC, MAC and Android but not true for IOS, see the images below:

this images show a good enough lightmap, just a test, but work well, now see the next image:

I know it’s from editor but I have exact result on IOS, tested for iphone5s, 6plus, 6SPlus and Ipad Air, for android I test in wide range and everyone work well.

I try to config my DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini with no luck.
then I try to PVRTC compression setting to 4, no luck again but now I have very good quality textures ja.

why my lightmap is overbright with no logical reason? :mad:

well I’m doom to always solve my own problems after post here jajaja, for some reason I have 2 stationary lights in my scene and that overbright my lightmap, but just for IOS and not for Android:p