Different control schemes for different gamepads

Hello, I’m working on some project for Google Cardboard and I have problem with camera and gamepad. I use Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, when I plug receiver by OTG Cable camera starts rotating. I discovered that my phone swap triggers with right analog stick. I found out that other people have the same problem with they’re wireless controllers for Xbox. I want to make my own control scheme and swap triggers with right analog, so I have questions for you. Can I make different control schemes for diferrent gamepads? Can my app recognize different controllers? I know that Android has this problem only with Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and other wireless gamepads which use Xinput.
If I made some language mistakes I’m sorry.

XBox wireless controllers are properly mapped in 4.16 (available in GitHub Master). Or you can use the original pull request I based the update on (PR#3254).

I made new control scheme which doesn’t use right analog stick, but now I have another problem. Could you check my other topic?