Different collision response vehicle/character . Bug?

Upon more investigation of unreal physx here, I found more issues (maybe bugs?)

  1. The collision behavior is the opposite when using character vs vehicle. Using the default third person and vehicle assets.

Scenario 1 - When Projectile is set to no physics, the car go through but the character will collide.

(Large gifs)


Scenario 2 - When project is set to no collision, the car will collide but character go through fine.


Using UE 4.15.2. On same projectile setup, why is there opposite behavior based on vehicle vs character?

Also, I found that IgnoreActorWhenMoving with instigator works but only when projectile is first spawned. I could collide with projectile when I chase up to it.

Bugs or expected behavior?

How are you handling the projectile explosion as shown? Through collision or overlap? Maybe it’s just how the vehicle and the character collision/object responses are set.

Through collision. As you see in the image, both are set as the same. I tried using the default car/character just to be sure that I did not screw up with my setup.

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Not sure if I got your problem, but:

  1. Are you using “Simulate Physics” on the Character, Car and Projectile?
    1.1 - Did you turn “Simulation Generate Hit Events” on?
  2. Which event do you call to trigger the explosion?
  1. No.
    1.1 Yes. I know I need to turn on “Simulation Generate Hit events” if Simuilate Physics is ticked.
  2. OnHit

I setup a test project for you

  1. Change to vehicle/character gamemode.
  2. Press B to shoot.
  3. Move forward, and the missile explodes differently based on the projectile collision enabled type. Change it and run again, observe it is flipped.