Different animations for various body parts of the same character


Sorry in advance if my question is so basic but i’m learning UE and i’m a programmer (animations are not my best skill hehehe).

I’m doing a kind of ‘run or die’ game and my main character is running all the time. He can attack using a sword or launching some magic spells but always running.

My question is… Do I need a normal running animation and other animation running and attacking?? or can I assign the attacking animation to upper body while running animation is active??

In case that both ways are ok, what is the best practice??


You just need a running and an attacking animation, because you can blend both together with animation montages -> this tutorial series will teach you everything: - YouTube :slight_smile:


You can also use Layered Blend per bone and Blend Possess nodes. Like in this video.


Thanks fighter and svv3d!!

I will check your links!

thanks again for your help!