difference preview game and actual game

Hello guys, i’ve seen a few problems ligke this one, and not sure how to fix this.
This is my preview 4ea065122a6ae3cba135458fe4dcfa0fcc693830.jpeg

And this is what i got when i start the game or try to reccord my matinee scene 38ddfb2266fde4ba6f0f789d32da8fd7eee68784.jpeg

I got an alert saying i need to rebuild lights. But i already did.

I already copy/pasted everything to a new level, but i don’t know how to copy paste to a new project.

It also look like the post process isn’t used.

It’s my first real scene in UE, i may forgot something obvious, but it’d appréciate some help.

Thanks !

probleme solved, it lloks like the copy/paste modev the camera to the good place, but the coordonates of the animation where absolute, so it animated to the other side of my walls, so out of lightning and effet.

However, it’s a bug that may be interresting to report !