Difference between physics asset tool and in game simulation

I am new in unreal engine 4 and I have a problem with physics with mixamo fuse character. I Followed the tutorial https://community.mixamo.com/hc/en-u...nreal-Engine-4 for import one character from mixamo fuse to unreal engine 4. I have create a physics asset to my new character and i have create a blueprint character with new mixamo skeletal mesh. But I have a problem: when I try to simulate physics in unreal engine physics asset tool, i have a good effect, but if I try to simulate it in game, the result is terrible!! This is a little video of the problem : ScreenCaptureProject1 - YouTube
Can anyone help me please?
Thanks all!

i have resolved! My Skeletal mesh is now set on “No physics collision” and my pawn is set there as well.